The Most Popular Dart Games Around!

Maybe you are thinking of a way to of enjoying your weekend by taking part in some activities that will make it memorable. However, you can’t figure out any activity that you and your friends can indulge in without having to spend a lot of money. Then you should consider playing darts.

Celebrate the dart way

There are many people who choose to play darts as they celebrate their weekends. Darts is a popular weekend gaming activity among people of various ages and backgrounds.  There are many reasons that may have made this game popular, but that is a story for another day.

There are many dart games that you can play depending on the type of people you hang around with or your taste and preferences. May be you have heard of the cricket and 501 games but you did not understand what they are all about. It is the high time you came to learn the types of dart games and the feature of each so that you can pick the one that pleases you.


The 501 game is the true appearance of darting. Just like in the golf competition where we have stroke play mode, 501 is the game that is played in all darting tourneys in the world. It is considered to be the real test of darting knowledge and skills and the major draw in darting. It is a simple game and is the one preferred in professional tourneys. Beginning with 501 as the total, one has to score points that are then subtracted from 501 until they reach zero points.


301 is the shorter 501 version. The difference between 301 and 501 is that many local regulations say that a p[layer have to begin their scoring with one double and also end on a double.

Check out the video below for more instructions:

Final dart on double ring

The final dart must hit within the double ring, and must correspond to the finishing players score, be even to 40 or smaller. According to the bust rule, if one player scores more points than they need or less than needed, then their score becomes void for that turn. This is why such a player is referred to as “bust”. The player will begin the next turn just with the points they had before. The most dreaded scenario is when one ends up on double one, and they keep missing it. A finish with a double one is normally referred to as “Annie’s House” for some reasons gone with time.

However, if you are a home dart player, you would like to have more modes of the darts game than just gaming 501, and this is why there exist myriad dart games variations.
Just take a look at these games:


Dart Game: CricketThe game of cricket is also popular in darting, and the scoring board has got the B mark numbers 15 to 20.The B mark is the bull .before any player starts to score points, they must hit a particular number for three times, or one double and a single , or one treble. The number will now be open for the player to score on, and is shown by an O just next to their names and as they play on, they score points towards their total every time they hit that number. Doubles and trebles will also sore as normal too.

Stopped by opponents

Opponents to the player can stop him or her from scoring on the number by hitting the same number thrice, and it is then marked X. once marked X the number does not take part any further in the game.
If a player hits number 20 five times, it becomes open for them to score. With just three hits after that, the player scores 40 towards their total again indicated by O against their name. Once again the other players can stop this number from scoring further if they hit it thrice. Just like with the other numbers, it will be marked X, and all the players will move to the other numbers since 20 will score no more. For a player to win the game, they must score more points than their opponents, hitting each number plus the bull three times. The centre bull scores double while the outer bull scores a single. It becomes very tricky in deciding: to go for more points or close out the opponents numbers.

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